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Medical Marijuana 411 is the Global Leader for

Cannabis Education

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Introducing our Medical Cannabis
Consultant Foundational Certification

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A Global Network of
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International and U.S.<br />
Required Gov't Certifications
International and U.S.
Required Gov't Certifications

Certifications Based on<br />
Scientific, Cited Research
Certifications Based on
Scientific, Cited Research

100% Guarantee<br />
on all Courses
100% Guarantee
on all Courses

Why Choose Medical Marijuana 411 for your Cannabis Education?

Access to peer reviewed, scientific research citations

MM411 certifications are true adult learning, not just a slideshow with a voiceover. You can start, stop, and review the content at your own speed. MM411 education is rich with gorgeous downloadable graphics as well as video explanations for key concepts (such as cannabinoids, terpenes, and the endocannabinoid system). All research is cited with clickable endnotes so users can access actual scientific research data, supporting those who want to take an even deeper dive into their cannabis education.

100% satisfaction guarantee

To date, MM411 has never had a return and we stand by those taking our certifications with a guarantee. No other cannabis educational provider has that offer. We have never had a return and those who trust us with their education give Medical Marijuana 411 rave reviews.

Global accreditations and certified by government entities

There is no other cannabis education provider that has more US state required certification approvals for both medical professionals and budtender consultants, accredited by multiple medical associations including the American Medical Association for Category 1 PRA CE credits and authored global cannabis standards for organizations such as ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials).

Downloadable Infographics and explanatory videos

Most of Medical Marijuana 411’s competitors only offer an annual access to coursework. Most of our competitors also charge you to re-take an exam. With us, you will have evergreen access to your certifications. From your permanent student dashboard, you will have the ability to go back to and review content and even add additional certifications to your repertoire.

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