Medical Education Resources

Founded in 1983, Medical Education Resources began with a vision to transform healthcare through the continuing education of healthcare professionals. We are now widely recognized as a leading provider of high-quality, multi-disciplinary continuing education.

Our mission is to support the professional development of healthcare professionals by providing continuing education that drives improvements in medical care and ultimately, patient health.

To meet this mission, Medical Education Resources sponsors a number of CME initiatives both directly and through the joint sponsorship with other non-accredited organizations that share our same vision. We recognize the importance of collaboration, and we have a number of collaborative relationships with medical schools, medical education companies, foundations, patient care organizations, and professional associations.


Bellevue College

Continuing Education

The Continuing Education unit of Bellevue College serves the needs of businesses, industries and the surrounding community through high-quality, in-demand programs. Courses are taught by reputable instructors who bring their professional experiences to you. Continuing Education facilitators go beyond teaching theories, and focus on real-world scenarios that are relevant to their student’s work.

Bellevue College CE offers the most comprehensive selection of courses among technical and community colleges in Washington State. This selection provides a wide array of opportunities for the lifelong learner to develop business acumen, acquire technical skills, or take courses for personal enrichment.


Springer Publishing

Health Science Publisher

A publishing pioneer celebrating 65 years in the industry, Springer Publishing Company is known as an innovative nursing, behavioral and health sciences, and medical publisher. Our books have won numerous awards, from the American Journal of Nursing Book of the Year Awards, to the ALA Choice Awards and the highly selective AAP PROSE Awards, and we offer over one hundred top quality titles annually, in addition to more than twenty journals. In all of our publishing areas, we are passionate about providing the best textbooks, professional reference and clinical books, apps, and digital products to students, instructors, and professionals.

Named one of the fastest growing independent publishers in the United States by Publishers Weekly, we continue to grow our product portfolio in nursing, psychology, social work, gerontology, public health, counseling, rehabilitation healthcare administration, and medicine. Our titles include: Family Practice Guidelines by Jill Cash and Cheryl Glass; the Social Work ASWB series of exam guides by Dawn Apgar; and the influential and highly acclaimed Jonas and Kovner’s Health Care Delivery in the United States, now in its twelfth edition, edited by James R. Knickman and Anthony R. Kovner. Our successful journals include Minority Nurse, Neonatal Network®, Journal of EMDR Practice and Research, and Violence and Victims.


State of Alaska

Department of Health

AMCO’s headquarters are in Anchorage, Alaska, with two enforcement outposts in Fairbanks and Juneau. The management team consists of the Director, the Program Coordinator, the Enforcement Supervisor and the Administrative Officer. Each member of the management staff works with his or her team to ensure responsive, fair and consistent service to the Boards, the licensing communities, local governments, and the Alaskan public.

Mission Statement: Enforce alcohol and marijuana commerce laws and provide clear, consistent standards for licensure to protect the public from harm


CEC Medical


Medical Marijuana 411 is proud to partner with CEC to offer our courses in Brazil. Cannabis 101 and the Medical Professional Certification have been translated into Portuguese for the Brazilian market. Enhance your knowledge of medical cannabis and improve the care you give your patients. The Medical Professional Certification presents, in sequential order, a series of 12 course modules designed to inform the medical professional about the legal structure of work with medical cannabis patients, plant fundamentals, history, discovery and science of the Endocannabinoid System, and how the cannabinoid receptors work in our body.


Washington State

Department of Health

The Department of Health protects and improves the health of people in Washington State.

The Department of Health is dedicated to protecting access for patients with qualifying conditions and ensuring products are safe, quality tested and accurately labeled. The scope of the program is focused on three areas:

  • Administration of the medical marijuana authorization database.
  • Licensing and regulation of the medical marijuana consultant certificate.
  • Standards for products that may be beneficial for medical use.
Medical Marijuana 411 is one of the three educational providers selected by the Washington Department of Health to offer the Washington Medical Marijuana Consultant Certification.

Morrow County Ohio

Department of Health

Morrow County Marijuana Education Possession Certification

While medical marijuana is legal in Ohio there are many “gray” areas that are affecting patients in regard to legal possession.

The 4 hour course will be based on the science and research of cannabis, providing an educational, un-biased course to help educate those charged with possession an opportunity to take the online course to mitigate the consequences of their possession charge. Topics will also include: side effects and effects of misuse and abuse. All research citations will be available through clickable endnotes for further review.


New Jersey

Health Care Quality Institute

At the New Jersey Health Care Quality Institute, we believe that collaboration is essential to improving our health care system. That’s why we bring providers, payers, patients and decision makers together to advance health care safety, quality and affordability. We’re the only independent, nonpartisan advocate working in New Jersey to promote accountability and transparency. We have more than 100 unique member organizations— all committed to improving health care for everyone in New Jersey.